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The East has always woven a spell to enchant the West. Asia is vast and teeming and infinitely complex, an inexhaustible source of riches and wonder, and from Marco Polo to Somerset Maugham, Westerners have fired their imaginations with its color and strangeness, its size and diversity, its violent extremes and brilliant contrasts, its challenge and reward.

Asia is divided into two basic areas, South Asia and East Asia.  Most of South Asia, or what geographers call the Indian Subcontinent, lies south of the lofty Himalayan Mountains, one of the most awesome sights in the world. On the border between Nepal and Tibet looms the world's highest peak, Mount Everest. A spectacular variety of scenery awaits the traveler, this includes both desert and jungle, as well as the greatest variety of wild animals in all Asia.

The climate generally consists of warm, wet summers and cool, dry winters. Although much of the weather is controlled by monsoons, and winds which change direction with the seasons. The best time for touring is late fall through midwinter.

The vast region of East Asia, sometimes called the Far East, is larger than the U.S., Mexico and Central America combined. Much of East Asia is mountainous, with small plains scattered among the hills.

East Asia has nearly every climate known to man, from the sunbaked sands of the Gobi Desert to the bitter cold of the Arctic to the steamy heat of southern China. Visit the fabled cities and the teeming modern ones. Open yourself up to the wonders of the East.

Some of the countries for which we offer tours.

bulletIndia bulletThailand bulletJapan
bulletNepal bulletLaos bulletHong Kong
bulletTibet bulletViet Nam bulletChina
bullet bulletMyanmar bulletKorea
bullet bulletMalaysia bulletTaiwan
  bulletIndonesia bulletSingapore


Did you know...

Combine some of these countries for a longer stay. For instance, India and Nepal are natural partners. When you consider Thailand you may want to add on Viet Nam and Cambodia or Myanmar. Malaysia and Indonesia work well together too. Or do the capitals, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and Seoul.


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