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Latin America.

Columbus discovered Latin America nearly five hundred years ago, but it is only recently that tourists from the United States have finally discovered its diverse delights. Nowhere can the traveler find such geographic superlatives, grandeur and contrast as in Latin America. Wonders both natural and manmade hold various world records.  Latin America has the world's longest mountain chain, the Andes; the tallest active volcano, Cotapaxi; and the largest river, the Amazon. It also has the driest desert, the Atacama; the highest waterfall, Angel Falls, the highest navigable lake, Titicaca, and the only growing glacier, Perito Moreno.

Latin American countries blend Indian, colonial, and modern cultures in creative and unexpected ways.  Come and discover all this for yourself!

Below are the countries we offer:

  Central America:   South America    
bullet Belize bullet Argentina bullet Ecuador
bullet Costa Rica bullet Bolivia bullet Paraguay
bullet El Salvador bullet Brazil bullet Peru
bullet Guatemala bullet Chile bullet Uruguay
bullet Honduras bullet Columbia bullet Venezuela
bullet Nicaragua        
bullet Panama        


Did you know...

Many of these countries combine very well to extend your Latin America adventure. Combine the Mayan countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to see the culture and explore the ruins.

Or combine Argentina with Chile to experience the tasty wines, the rugged national parks, skiing in "the summer" and the beauty of the desert along with the cold of the glaciers. One extreme to the other all in two countries.

There are many more choices, let your imagination be your guide.


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